Opportunities & Risks on the Net.
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Our experts work in an interdisciplinary manner and have a lot of experience in dealing with children, young people and parents. Our courses, workshops and learning opportunities are specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, teachers and Curriculum 21 as well as parents.

Workshops for teachers, schools and youth work

Handling and impact in social media, as well as the sustainable integration of the content in the classroom.

Swiss Curriculum 21

Understanding media
and use responsibly

The children and young people can…

orient themselves in the physical environment as well as in media and virtual habitats and behave within them in accordance with laws, rules and value systems.

Decipher, reflect on, and use media and media articles.

Translate thoughts, opinions, experiences and knowledge into media contributions and also publish them, taking into account the laws, rules and value systems.

Use media interactively and communicate and cooperate with others.

On Curriculum 21

Our offerings are aligned with Curriculum 21. Furthermore, we promote three interdisciplinary competencies and support the targeted achievement of learning objectives.

Success factor digital resilience

The leading association for opportunities & risks on the Internet and prevention of cyber bullying. To be constantly connected and to be able to participate everywhere – that defines part of the everyday life of children and young people. Constant use of social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or WhatsApp can lead to overload and stress.

Netpathie creates awareness of digital stress and promotes the resilience of students and children in workshops and training courses. In this way we help you to feel better without having to do without digital media.

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