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Children safe on the net, promoting respectful communication and their mental health.

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Netpathie – Sicherheit im Netz

We create awareness for the digital world

Children grow up in a world where internet surfing is a normal part of their daily life. The virtual world harbors dangers, but it can also open up many opportunities for young users. Protection, empowerment and participation are essential for this. Netpathie is the leading association for online safety for children and schools.

Further, this includes strengthening their mental health, their identity, and treating each other with respect. The tension between virtual and physical space is more present than ever. Preventing cyberbullying is one of the main concerns of Netpathie.

We network, because together we are stronger

The subject is a particular concern of school authorities, teachers and parents. How should the correct use of and on the Internet be sustainably integrated into the classroom? How is awareness created for this? How do teachers and parents keep access to children and young people in the virtual world? Which contact points can help?

Together we are stronger. Netpathie brings all actors together, coordinates the cooperation, supports school authorities, teachers, parents and children in order to anchor the topic sustainably in the classroom and in everyday life – interactively on site, physically experienced and with suitable teaching aids. We encourage children to use the Internet with courses and workshops.

Workshops on the topic of handling and security on the Internet, cyber bullying and mental health.

Workshops and project weeks
for students: inside

Half-day and one-day workshops. Project days and project weeks.

for teachers

Workshops for teachers on social media.

and networking

Exchange between schools, parents, children, young people and companies.

Parents evenings
and events

Handling and impact in social media.

“The workshop was a complete success. Through motivating and accessible workshop modules, our 5th grade learned a lot about safety, respect and the responsible use of online channels.

The children were picked up, challenged and involved at eye level. The needs of the children were dealt with with great sensitivity. You can feel the joy and commitment of Netpathie for these important topics.”

Marianne WidmerLehrerin 5./6. Klasse, Wikon LU

Security on the net - Netpathie is a nonprofit association

Netpathie works with experts from the education and health sector, private and public companies, as well as children, young people, parents and teachers.

We set a good example, reflection is part of our everyday life. With the feedback from the target groups, we continuously develop ourselves and our topics.

Netpathie is a nonprofit association. We are supported by various actors in the education sector and the private and public economy.

Cooperation partner

Netpathie – Sicherheit im Netz, Kinder und Internet, Cybermobbing

Stronger together. Realizing projects and learning successes together. Let’s network!

Our association is in the middle of being set up, we are already actively involved and you will soon find more detailed information about the offer on our website.